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  • In the early 1980s a synthesis method for offset dual-reflector antennas was developed by Norwegian Telecom Research (NTR), and 3.3 m and 1.8 m antennas were produced by Raufoss. Although the main focus of Fibo-Støp was on the automotive industries it successfully produced and marketed from the late 1980s offset dual-reflector antennas of the same type for use of satellite TV reception.

    The goal of the method was to obtain a prescribed aperture distribution, giving the wanted radiation pattern with high gain, low sidelobes, or a combination with rather high gain and quite low sidelobes. This goal was obtained by shaping the sub- and main-reflectors, and in this way let them have small deviations from the original confocal system (with parabolic and elliptical or hyperbolic surfaces of revolution). The method also gives a low cross polarisation. The synthesis was based upon Geometrical Optics (GO), and when using this method the diffraction effects were not included. The radiation pattern including these effects could be found by a Physical Optics (PO) analysis.

    The first offset dual-reflector antenna was built in 1981, and a few years later production started at Raufoss. Their production technique was based on composite materials on an aluminium honeycomb structure. The technique fulfilled the requirements and Raufoss produced several 3.3 m and 1.8 m antennas up to 1987, but the production method was too expensive to produce antennas in large numbers. In 1988 the production was transferred to EB-NERA (later ABB-NERA). The reflectors were produced at Ticon in Drammen. They used polyester with glass fibre as material, and were able to produce the antennas cheaper. At that moment, they only produced 3.3 m antennas.

    These antennas were intended for Ku-band (11/14 GHz), but with a modification of the feed horn they could be used at other frequency bands (12/18 GHz or 4/6 GHz). With a modified sub reflector, the 1.8 m antennas were also used at Ka-band (20/30 GHz). The large antennas (D > 1.5 m), were only produced in a limited number, but smaller antennas were mass-produced for the consumer and professional market at Fibo-Støp, Holmestrand.

    The 55 cm and 90 cm antennas have been produced for some years and obtained a good reputation both in Norway and in other European countries. They were shaped for high gain, and their efficiencies are higher than 80%. The 55 cm antenna has also obtained a price for good design. In 1991 Fibo started also manufacturing the 120 cm version. The 120 cm antenna was intended for both the receive-only consumer market and for the business communication market in the 11/14 GHz band. It is shaped to have rather low sidelobes and still having high gain. Like the other antennas produced at Fibo-Støp. The 55 cm, 90 cm and 120 cm antennas were sold in large numbers as brand Fibo-Støp and other brands like Philips, Grundig, Delta Star, Kreiselmeyer, Master Focus, Nokia, Mediagate and some others.

    Fibo AS (a.k.a Fibo-Støp) was established in 1957 in Holmestrand, Norway. They started out with High Pressure Diecasting and a small product range for domestic electrical installations. Fibo was focused on production of high value added components and assemblies. Fibo was offering a complete range of services, from design and manufacturing to assembly and testing, and was focused on the automotive and telecommunication/IT markets in Europe. Since 1996 Fibo belonged to the Trident Component Group (TCG). The foundry had it's ups and downs and had some changes of the chairman over the years. Till 1 Juli 2005 Einar Sorkness was the CEO, then Jan Gjertsen was appointed to this function. In 2009 the production manager Ole Nese became chairman of Fibo. At that time Fibo had already a bad financial position caused by disappointed sales at it's consumers Saab, Skania and Ford. The financial director and also co-owner of Fibo was Johan Gerhard Sagberg. In the hay days Fibo the company had a turnover of 130 million NOK (almost 20 million Euro) and 115 employees on the payroll.

    On 19 September 2001 TCG Fibo signed an agreement with the Swedish company SWE-DISH to sell the business part for satellite television antennas. In the early products of Swe-Dish the Fibo design is clearly noticeable. The aim of SWE-DISH was to improve the antenna and decide whether or not to start up production of the 90 cm antenna again. But the tooling for Fibo dishes was scrapped.

    In March 2002 the British company Trident Component Group (TCG) sold Fibo to the Fibo board members Einar Sorknes, Johan Gerhard Sagberg, Morten Onshuus and Ole Nese. In April 2008 Fibo bought all stock of the Polish foundry Technocast near Katowice in an attempt to reduce the labour costs. One year later Fibo could no longer pay it's suppliers in time and some suppliers stopped delivering materials resulting that Fibo could not deliver the products to the consumers (mainly Skania). On 25 March 2009 Fibo went bankrupt. After that Nordheim Larsen Industries bought the production facilities and machines.
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